Camille Townsend  for School Board 2012

What Supporters Are Saying


Paid for Camille Townsend for School Board 2012 FPPC# 1350204

State Senator Joe Simitian

"In a community where our commitment to public education runs deep, Camille's collaboration and experience on critical academic and fiscal issues continues to earn my appreciation and support.  I support Camille’s re-election for School Board.”  

      1. Assemblyman Rich Gordon

      2. “Camille serves on my Education Advisory committee.  She brings a seasoned eye and thoughtful insights into matters of education budget, policy, and local impact.  And most of all, she is an active advocate for public education.  I strongly support her candidacy.” 

Gary Fazzino, Former Mayor

“With another board member stepping down after only one term, we need Camille’s stability, experience and can-do leadership more then ever.  For my kids and yours, re-elect Camille Townsend to the school board.”

Mandy Lowell, Past President PAUSD School Board, served on the School Board with Camille

"Camille places top priority on ensuring the best education- academic, physical, and social- emotional-- for each of our students. When weighing issues she brings forth the voices of teachers, students, and parents. Keep our schools strong by re-electing Camille." 

Liz Kniss, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, Former Palo Alto Mayor, and Past President,  PAUSD School Board.

"You know experience, courage and leadership when you see it. Our high achieving district stands today as a model for education in spite of unstable budgets, growth, a changing economy and changing world demands. Camille’s experience shines through in tackling these tough issues successfully and her insights are even more important then ever.  For our students and community we need to re-elect Camille to the school board."

Dr. Avner Greif* and Estee Greif, *Professor of Economics and MacArthur Award Winner, Stanford University

“We support Camille for School Board.  We have known her as a school leader and as a district education leader, and we as parents appreciate her values.  Camille is inclusive, has the benefit of students in her mind and is open minded in seeking constructive compromises.”

Dr. Amado M. Padilla, Professor, Developmental and Psychological Sciences, School of Education, Stanford University

“I support Camille because of her support in tackling an achievement gap that tests the nation.  As statewide assessment scores demonstrate, Palo Alto is moving in the right direction, decreasing the gap while still improving the success for all.  Camille's leadership is effective ... she is strong, determined, collaborative, and a problem solver.  For all students, Palo Alto needs Camille on the School Board again.”

Dr. Susan Charles, Santa Clara University School of Education

"As a principal, counselor, and teacher in PAUSD for 28 years, I endorse Camille Townsend for Re-election. I have appreciated Camille's commitment of helping teachers meet the needs of students."

Preeva Tramiel  - former PALY PTA President and 'School News' writer

“I met Camille  when she started the successful grass roots letter writing campaign to keep our local tax dollars local (Basic Aid).  She has the ability to draw others to important work. Camille is not above rolling her sleeves up on perhaps less glamorous tasks such as starting the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot at Paly, ( a great Gunn idea) in which again, her friendliness and concern that our students have more connectedness at school inspired others to get involved.  I enthusiastically support Camille Townsend for School Board.”                                          

Walt Hays, Chair, Sustainable Schools, “Tall Tree”

Not only was Camille was the first school board member to actively champion the students’ and community’s desire for sustainability.  Her voice remains at the forefront for healthy and sustainable school climates.  I vote to re-elect Camille Townsend to the school board. ”

Jack Morton, Palo Alto Recreation Foundation and former Palo Alto City Council Member

"As President of the School Board and Board Member of the Palo Alto Recreation Foundation, Camille has re-enforced connections between schools, the city, and non-profit organizations so as to ensure after school sports and recreation choices for students. The whole community benefits from Camille's dedication.  We need to re-elect Camille to the School Board.”

Michele Miller, Technology Teacher and parent

I met Camille when she was still a multi-state commuter – She was practicing law in the Midwest, passing her California bar on the first try, and settling her family in Stanford and Palo Alto.  From the beginning she came through as smart, engaging, and one who cared deeply about quality education and community.  Never one to sit by idly when work needs to be done, I saw her magic in the classroom, her connection with students, and her leadership on the Site Council, as a PTA President, and as a state budget watchdog.  This experience shows in her work as School Board President. She analyzes through her lawyer’s training, respects great teaching and strong curriculum, but above all believes every child deserves the opportunity to succeed.”

Diane Rolfe,  Sally Siegel Excellence in Teaching Award

“Camille’s commitment to our schools comes from a deep understanding of the opportunities that education brings. She is a tireless advocate for our students, our teachers, and making public schools strong.  She brings her teaching at Purdue University and her lawyer’s training to this goal.  Her advocacy for our students is advocacy for us all.”

Susie Stewart,  Sally Siegel Excellence in Teaching Award

“As a veteran PAUSD teacher, I have appreciated Camille’s commitment to supporting teachers so that they can better meet the needs of students.  I endorse her re-election to school board.”

Esther "Woj" Wojcicki - PAUSD teacher, California Teacher of the Year, American journalist, educator, and vice chair of the Creative Commons board of directors.

“I enthusiastically endorse Camille Townsend for Re-election to the School Board and suggest that you vote for her too." 

“I have known Camille Townsend over many years and been impressed with her devotion to excellence in the district. She is willing to represent a minority view point which allows for more balanced discussions at the board level. She wants to make sure that every graduating student is academically prepared to enter the UC system and that all students get the necessary academic and social emotional counseling to support them during their high school years. During her time on the board, she has supported teachers including professional development for teachers which is key to improving instruction. In these trying times, she has promoted fiscally responsible budget planning that includes making sure our facilities are up to date and can accommodate the growing needs of the district. I enthusiastically endorse Camille Townsend and suggest that you vote for her too.”

Len Filppu - Fairmeadow Neighborhood Association

I've watched Camille work successfully for our students. She moves the district in positive ways, reaches deep into the community for our help, and listens. When she sees the need for change, she leaves blame aside and works collaboratively so we're all working on the same side. She's fun and accessible, a strong leader, and I want her continuing to work for my kids and yours. Join us in re-electing Camille Townsend for School Board."